....aaaand we're off!

Finally getting around to writing our first blog post on a REAL, ACTUAL blog platform*.

After much gnashing of teeth and waving of hands we've successfully built our very own blogging platform on a Raspberry Pi and we can now write our first team blog post. Yay!

We'll talk about the build process of the blogging platform in another post but, for now, let's introduce ourselves.

First item on the agenda is arguably the most important one: the name of the team. We have chosen SPOT:BOT, after the name of our team mascot, a MouseVaark named Spot McVaark.

Some of you may wonder about the origin of his name. He was supposed to be named after his favourite breakfast cereal (Scott's porridge oats). However the registrar Vaark was a wee bit cloth-eared! To be fair, all Vaarks are cloth-eared - it's part of their DNA.

*You might be thinking... "but this isn't the first post!". However, everything that comes before this has simply been cut-n-pasted in from notes we have taken while waiting for the blog platform to come to life. This is the first post to be written ON the platform itself.

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