Before Spot:Bot, there was Dojo:Bot...

Star Date: 23 July 2018

We're just starting out on our #PiWars 2019 journey.

Task 1: Get the kids to build a basic bot with a plastic tub as a chassis using build instructions I wrote for a recent Micro:Bit-based Coder Dojo workshop that I lead. This is what I like to call Dojo:Bot.

If you'd like the build instructions and basic Micro:Bit code from the original Coder Dojo workshop, you can find them over on Github. I hope to re-run this workshop again next year some time, perhaps expanding it to a series that includes wireless control and sensors.

In keeping with PiWars requirements we modded this build to use a Pi Zero. We followed the basic instructions from the Cam Jam EduKit 3, using a basic L9110S motor controller instead, and followed the code examples from the CamJam worksheet. To replicate the setup with our L9110S we had to identify which GPIO pins the CamJam motor controller used for motor control. This detail can be found in worksheet 3. For convenience, we have listed these pins below:

Left Motor (B): GPIO 7 & 8

Right Motor (A): GPIO 9 & 10

Woo-hoo, we have built our first Raspberry Pi robot! Not quite up to competition standard sadly, but we'll get there. Just give it time... patience... and some pulling of teeth.

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