Choice of Blogging Platform

We were wondering what would be a good platfdorm to write our blog with so we asked on some seasoned Twitter-based bloggers in the Raspberry Pi / maker community Lorraine Underwood & Les Pounder. They both like using something called Ghost.

You can have an account on their cloud-based blogging platform for the bargain price of $29 per month (ouch!). HOWEVER, this is open-source and you can roll your own Ghost server if you like FOR FREE.

What's more, it's possible to install Ghost Pro on a Raspberry Pi and run your own blogging service. It seemed churlish not to give that a go, given that we are working towards competing in a Raspberry Pi based competition. So that's what we have decided to do.

It turns out that Mackenzie (my 13yr old) wasn't able to build this for us. He encountered a number of technical issues / errors upon following the installation instructions. Time for daddy to investigate. More about that later when I've figured out the problem.

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