Choice of Games Controller

We wanted to know what would make a good games controller for PiWars so we asked Twitter.

We could go cheap as chips with the popular Rock Candy (£15) or Pi-Borg's new even cheaper £12 equivalent. However, these use a WiFi dongle and are known to be promiscuous in competition, meaning that your controller will mate with any Rock Candy WiFi dongle going - and there will be PLENTY of people using these on teh day because they are CHEAP!

The best advice tells us to use a Bluetooth based games controller.

Anyway, we decided to to a little survey and document our findings on Twitter for other PiWqars folks to benefit from.

In the end we plumped for PS4 Dulashock V2. Expensive at £50 each but they were on special offer at £30 during the Black Friday sales.

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