OLED Screen Designs

We need to start thinking about how we can see into the mind of Spot:Bot. What mode is it in? What is it's status? Let's start designing status displays for our dinky wee Pimoroni Breakout Garden OLED.

With only 128 x 128 pixels to work with we're a little limited for space. However, with a little design panache and the help of our trusy friend Inkscape, we have designed our first display screen and we're rather proud of it.

In such a small space, we've managed to cram the following information:

  1. Motor battery level (top right)
  2. Operational Mode (numeral in bottom left corner)
  3. Games controller comms & battery level (next to mode)
  4. left, right and front distance measurements
  5. compass bearing

The idea is that with every loop of sensor reading (incl. battery levels etc...) our I2C master will be able to update this screen over I2C with instructions to re-draw the display appropriately.

We may also need additional screens for general Pi status and heartbeats for all our important processes. If we get as far as designing more than the one screen, we will code up a button on the games controller to toggle between all the screens.

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