Sensor Cases: Part Deux

This will be the final blog post that we can submit prior to the blogging deadline so here goes...

Kerry Kidd has done a sterling job discussing our requirements with a colleague at Dundee Makespace (James Bastone). He has kindly offered to design and machine our casings.

As a wee reminder, our key requirements are as follows:

  1. Allow us to secure sensors with M4 bolts (samples provided)
  2. Securely hold the sensor, fitting & dupont cables together
  3. Allow for adjustable height attachment

James has today come back with some samples for us to comment on. Not only has he managed to turn this around in double-quick time (thanks James, and sorry for the last minute urgency) they look ace. In fact, better than we could possibly have imagined!

James tells us that the lids will need to be glued on to hold his design together although he's also thinking about less permanent ways of securing the case, including holes for cable ties. We like the cable tie solution as it fits perfectly with our Heath-Robinson approach to robot building.

As near-as-dammit perfect as they are, there are just two small problems with James' first design, in relation to our specific use case, that we could see.


The width of these sensors is 5cm. That is exactly the space we have allowed for between our wheels and no more. As this is a manually crafted DIY effort, we may not have exactly 5cm to play with. To add to the problem, locating the sensor mounts won't be precise either. We have asked if at least 0.5cm can be shaved off the width, possibly by trimming the outer edges a little.


Based on anecdotal evidence (a historic tweet by Emma Norling, aka @CompSciEmma on Twitter), we feel we would like the depth of the sensor cutout in the lid to be extended a touch as well as a wee notch added in the top of the end piece. this is so that the distance sensor is not confused by its casing being too enclosed.

James seems amenable to both of these suggestions and we are awaiting the results early next week. We will be sure to tweet the final results along with our final Spot:Bot build but this will happen after the passing of the blogging competition deadline and thus may not count towards our points.

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