Plumbers & SD Cards

Some competitors have been discussing accessibility (or complete lack thereof) of the microSD card slot in their final built platforms.

One solution that has been mooted is a nifty little SD card extension cable that plugs into your Pi's microSD card slot and has a cable with another microSD slot on the end of it.

We've decided to adopt a different strategy for Spot:Bot.

Our Pi is accessible at the back of the chassis but it's difficult to get the microSD card out from under the Pi when it's bolted directly on to the plyboard chassis.

To get around this problem, we've put our Pi on mini stilts, tall enough to enable you to get your fingers under the Pi sufficiently to extract the microSD card.

What are these stilts made of? Well... what else, but cut sections of spare plastic plumbing pipe, of course! Perfectly in-keeping with the DIY and upscaling ethos of this build.

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