Useful Links

In preparation for development in earnest, we've curated a selection of useful sources of information available on the internet for anyone else who is interested in building a roving robot either to compete at PiWars or just for fun.

Carrie Ann Philbin - Soldering Guide

A recommended video tutorial on soldering, by Carrie Ann Philbin (GeekGurlDiaries / Raspberry Pi).

Raspibotics - Build Advice

Chassis build advice and design considerations from Raspibotics (twitter handle @raspibotics).

Cranmere Code Club - Competition Video

Video of Cranmere Code Club’s 2017 Entry. provides good insights into matching motor speeds to challenges, the design of their grabbing claw (useful for bowling challenge) and a runthrough of the robot’s attempts at all the challenges.

Hack Hitchin - Build Advice

PiWars robot build advice from David Booth & Hack Hitchin

Brian Corteil - PiWars Competition Advice

Build a Remote Control Robot- Free to download as a PDF (Page 14)

How to Build a PiWars Winning Robot - A talk given by Brian Corteil.

"Hints for Roboteers" - A list of tips for 2019 competitors, as found on the PiWars site.

PiWars 2018 Blogs

Comprehensive list of links to competitor blogs from the 2018 competition. Pi Of Things blog is considered to be one of the best team blogs from last year's crop.

Matthew Timmins-Brown - Getting Started With Robotics

A basic parts list and links to a youtube video series by Matthew Timmons-Brown (twitter handle @RaspberryPiGuy1), taking you through the basics of robot building and the techniques used to solve some of the PiWars challenges.

CamJam Edu Kit 3

A popular starter robot-in-a-box building kit for the Raspberry Pi. Includes a useful set of worksheets for solving some basic robotics challenges with the components provided in the kit..

Building a Pi-Based Ghost Server

Instructions for building a Pi-based Ghost server for blogging. We plan to host our own blog this way - keep an eye out for further progress reports on this.

Pi-Of-Things OpenCV Notes

A useful set of blog posts about openCV from a previous PiWars competitor.

Hooking up a Pixy Camera to a Raspberry Pi

Instructions for Connecting a pixy camera to a Raspberry Pi and basic test code. Pixy is the preferred option for vision tasks as it does a lot of heavy lifting for you at the object recognition end of things, normally the job of openCV, but in a black box format. You just have to decide what to do with the object data that it continually streams.

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